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By Taabish Shaikh
January 1, 2020

My First Internship at Fynd as a Designer

Its 2019, and I had just completed my master's from Hinduja college. I was confused between choosing a...


Its 2019, i have just completed my master's from Hinduja college, I bit confused between choosing a stable job or working as an intern, where I took my second choice of trying to get an internship, where i will get to learn more with the people who is skill-full in their respected field.Interview is been schedule with the help of my brother @hisham who is working for Fynd from past 2 years. Arriving at fynd for the first time on 3rd September 2019, I meet debu.. our design Team Leader, where he gave me brief introduction of what's happening here from the past few months.He talk about the future projects which need to be accomplished. Coming from a background where i have no knowledge of designing. Debu put me on my first project of coding the landing page of "Bingo" which is now known as Nitrozen.io

The best things for me while i was coding my first landing page of Nitrozen, was our designer team use to sat with the regrowth team -A room full of skill-full developers, which help me learn and understand things way much easier.Lectures from Ahmed Sakri , Jalak Vora & Tushar Moraye and other  front-end developer inside the regrown team, help me learn a lot from them, of how to code in smarter way and avoid unnecessary problems while coding.
Its all was going fine but still it took me almost 15 days to code my first landing page of Nitrozen which is way too much if given someone to develop a page. Still, debu told to read more books and online lecture from udemy to optimise my work and work faster.
After completing my frontend work on nitrozen, I was put on my first Design project- Fyndnow.

The time i was on my first design project i started designing the landing page directly into sketch, where debu taught me the designing process:
1. Research
2. Drawing prototype on paper
3. Final draft on sketch

Doing research on fyndnow was not a big problem, as I had come from a Research background. Drawing Raw sketch on papers with design and looks and put that final draft on web using sketch tool.

In the above image my design of landing page and extension of fyndnow v/s the final draft which i currently goes live last month.While i was working on designing my fyndnow ,hiring more designer happening inside the design team, when i was confidence with my design of landing page and extension, an experience designer came in our design team @naveen, where he taught where i have made mistake and which design part need to be improved.

I worked on background image remover project and also contributed my help working with Sanil on driven by design event which happen past month
Currently its jan 2 my 3 month internship is been extended,Right now I completed my designing and developing my own portfolio with a future plan to work on Nitrozen Dashboard.

Culture at Fynd

Working in an environment where people help each other is the best thing at fynd!

Although people at different post at fynd...people here, have a good interaction where they playing together at Wework basement.As I have more interaction with developer at that time, i started playing with the developer at pool table which some how i was bad in playing. I tried playing foosball, where people was very fast at playing  foosball.From continuous 2 month i never ever win while playing, As the day passes, our gameplay improved,  me and @arjit have become one of the player who is tough to defeat in playing foosball. This lead to making more interaction with the people of other companies like Bytedance and Indicab because of our gameplay.

Overall experience at fynd was very amazing where I learn a lot of things and make new friends!
By the end of the 3month internship,I optimise my work efficiently by developing a static page from 15days to 2days.Also learn about the difference between good design and bad design and learn how to Web-flow which help me to develop my own portfolio.



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