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By Alia Soni

This is Fynd Design

Discover what we're all about!

Welcome to our artistic playground

Say hi to the Fynd Design Blog! This isn’t your average blog- it's a space for our team to unleash their big ideas, share their sources of inspiration, and take you on exciting journeys. You’ll also get behind-the-scenes content, independent work from our designers, and stories from people using design to make cool stuff in the world of technology.

“Fynd Design is a bunch of creative problem solvers who are hungry for challenges.”

Where aesthetics meet technology

Our team designs works with these values in mind-

1. Design for innovation

We design with this idea in our hearts. A restless desire for change, to continually push beyond our comfort zone, to constantly seek new opportunities that  ensure we’re the very best we can be.

2. Design with empathy

Our team puts the customer first and creates products and experiences that are tailored to their specific requirements, resulting in more effective and engaging solutions.

3. Radical collaboration

Better together. Radical collaboration is inspired by the desire to learn from others and embrace diverse perspectives while problem-scoping, idea generation, solution-finding, and innovation.

4. Continuous growth

The design world changes every day. In this day and age, the design world changes every second. Continuous growth involves learning new skills, keeping up with the latest trends, and experimenting with new techniques in our work.

How Fynd Design contributes to Fynd

“Fynd Design plays a vital role in shaping the culture at Fynd.”

At Fynd Design, we prioritise creating beautiful designs, functional products, and well-optimized user experiences. From making an engaging experience for applications to sophisticated and sleek website designs and the posts you see on our socials, our team does it all!

Our designers have a remarkable ability to quickly visualise experiences and outcomes, collaborating with stakeholders to bring their product dreams to life and ultimately impacting millions of users across India. We're constantly inspired by tech and business innovations that we use to design cutting-edge solutions for our customers. In short, Fynd Design is fundamental to why our customers and partners love Fynd!

The future of Fynd Design

“I want Fynd Design to be the best design team in the world. I want Fynd Designers to enjoy working and growing at Fynd.”

-Debajit Sardar, Design Lead

Enough said.

But really, while creating new designs for Fynd and all of its products is our goal, our bigger vision for Fynd design is to really shine a spotlight on our team’s exciting work. Through this, we aspire to create merchandise and art available to the public for purchase that will enable us to contribute to the revenue of our company!

We now have a bigger, more agile team that can double down on what truly counts: making a better product experience for you.

Join our creative crew

Starting from a small group of 8 to now 100 people and counting, we’ve come a pretty long way, and we’re not done yet! Like mad scientists building their next invention, wizards crafting a spell, and chefs perfecting their latest recipes, we’re always chasing the best.

Want to become part of the team? We look for highly skilled professionals and well-versed in the latest technologies, trends, and best practices. We also value dreamers, innovators, and people who can stay humble and learn from their mistakes, because hey, making mistakes is all a part of the creative process!

Contact us here for collaborations and work projects.

Come find us on Instagram for more Fynd Design fun.


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